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We’re so excited that you’re planning to get married. We would love to help you begin your married life together at St John’s Locks Heath.

Getting ready for your wedding

There is lots of information about getting married in the Church of England at The Ceremony Planner will help you to put together your perfect wedding service, guiding you through your choices of readings, music and prayers.

Do you qualify to get married at St John’s Locks Heath?

In order to get married at St John’s Locks Heath, the law requires that one of you:

  • lives in the parish of St John’s Locks Heath; or
  • has a ‘qualifying connection’ with the parish of St Johns Locks Heath, or
  • regularly worship at St Johns Locks Heath so you can be on the parish electoral roll.

 If you aren’t sure, send us an e-mail and we will help.

Applying to marry at St John’s Locks Heath

To get the process started, send an e-mail to with your name, full address, contact telephone number and details of your requirements. Our Weddings Coordinator will then contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss and book your wedding.

 At that meeting a few more details will be taken, your questions answered, and you will be invited to our marriage preparation course called “To Love and to Cherish” in advance of your wedding.


If you have been married before then it may still be possible for you to get married in church, but you will need to discuss the circumstances with the vicar. If the marriage is not possible in church, for instance, if one of you has been married more than once before, then he will happily introduce you to the very meaningful celebration of marriage following a civil ceremony.

Celebrating an Anniversary

Congratulations on reaching a special anniversary in your marriage. There is a service called ‘”A Thanksgiving for Marriage” which is designed to help you celebrate your marriage in church with a renewed commitment to your vows. Of course, the service need not be limited to anniversaries. A special service may be appropriate at other times too e.g. for renewing vows on an anniversary years after a Civil Ceremony, when you want to give thanks to God. 

If you would like to discuss such a celebration at St Johns Church then please send an email to with your name, full address, contact telephone number and details of your requirements. 

Banns when getting married elsewhere

If you live in our parish or worship at St John’s and are getting married elsewhere, then please send an email to

with your name, full address, contact telephone number and details of your requirements to make arrangements to fill out the relevant forms and pay the banns fee. You will then be notified of the dates the banns will be read at St John’s Locks Heath. This will normally be the first three Sundays in the month prior to your marriage, (unless otherwise requested) and in any case not more than three months before your wedding.

After the final reading, your banns certificate will be signed by the clergy and ready for collection when you must give it to the vicar who is to marry you.

Citizenship Regulations

All applicants (even those for away banns) need to have their valid passports to be shown when making arrangements. If they haven’t got a valid passport or identity card and if they were born before 1st January 1983 they can provide their birth certificate and driving licence, or utility bill. If they were born after 1st January 1983 they are not automatically a British citizen so they must provide the following: a full UK birth certificate showing parents’ details, a driving licence or utility bill showing the party’s use of the name, evidence of the party’s parents British citizenship or settled status at the time of the party’s birth (such as parents’ birth certificate) and the party’s parents’ marriage certificate (if the citizenship if claimed through the father).