Eco Church

Where do we go now with eco action?

We want to become a Church of England “Eco Church”, caring for God’s creation through our Worship, Buildings, Land, Community Engagement, and individual Lifestyles. We are in the process of completing an online review to see how we measure against the Eco Church criteria . This will give us a focus for our activities and efforts to improve our Eco credentials. The church can be awarded Bronze, Silver, or Gold, based on what we have been able to achieve. Initially we’re aiming for a Bronze. Awards have already been given to over 1000 churches.
We also support the Church of England’s Net Zero 2030 target. Our goal by 2030 is that the church’s contribution of carbon dioxide to the environment will be as close to zero as possible. 

You can read the full list of survey questions, listen to what other Anglican churches have been doing who already have an award (over 1000 of them) here

You can read the SJLH Eco Group’s remit here.

SJLH Team head out to pick up litter locally

We have some homemakers in our boxes already.  If you’re passing, why not stop a moment to watch our guests flying in and out!  We’re also about to put out bat boxes and a hedgehog home too!
If you want to get involved, please email

Click here for a list of websites with advice and information on where to buy them or how to build them yourself.

Autumn is the best time to do this as roosting boxes are provide shelter for small birds in cold winter weather and nesting boxes are best put in place before winter ready for birds to use in the spring.

For more details of how to get involved, please email