The Power of Prayer

Prayer gives us life by connecting us to our creator, we find hope through Jesus Christ, and go out with Joy by his Spirit. There’s always a way to pray together.

Let’s get excited about Prayer! Be expectant as we seek God’s guidance and help, and let our prayer times leave us feeling uplifted and enlivened.

Join in praying during special seasons of prayer as well as with a regular rhythm.

Regular Rhythm is important as prayer is deepened by habit.  
We provide resources and opportunities to help you daily and weekly to help focus your prayer and join with others.

Every week we update our WEEKLY PRAYER POINTS page.  Click the button below to see what else we are praying for this week. We also have a monthly ladies prayer breakfast on the first Saturday of the month.

If you want to share a prayer request with a group of trusted people who will pray
for you from their homes email or call the office.