COVID-19: It’s all a bit different, but the church is alive!


Welcome to SpiritCafé

The SpiritCafé is a once a month music and entertainment night, hosted by resident group Cahoots, in the Grove Room at St John’s Church. It is a magnificent community tool, engaging with the whole community. Embracing the “One Roof, No Walls” ethos, SpiritCafé draws an eclectic audience some church-goers or not, though everyone enjoys the breadth of musical styles.

The popularity of SpiritCafé with both young and old is testament to its relaxed and inclusive style. Relying on nothing more than a donation box, the Café always supports itself and profits are given back to St John’s.

SpiritCafé is held on the second Saturday of the month at 7.30pm. Soft drinks and nibbles are provided. Bring your own wine or beer as we are not licensed for alcohol. If you have yet to try SpiritCafé we would be very pleased to see you. Feel free to bring friends and have a good time!

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Unfortunately, all church social activities are cancelled because of Covid-19 restrictions. We don’t know when that will be but we are having a big party!