Vacancy Prayer

We are in the process of looking for a new vicar for our church. On this journey we will often be asking the question…

What’s Next?

This month we’re beginning our Lent study and discussion 

Join us Thursday night via Zoom 8-9pm as we discuss our story in light of His Story!

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While we continue to pray for our own situation, our prayers this month may also be focussed on the pandemic, in particular the terrible news that the country has, this week, registered over 100,000 Covid-19 related deaths. Below is a prayer from the Archbishops for people to use to pray for those who mourn.

Gracious God,

as we remember before you the thousands who have died,
surround us and all who mourn with your strong compassion.
Be gentle with us in our grief,
protect us from despair,
and give us grace to persevere
and face the future with hope
in Jesus Christ our risen Lord.

“In response to reaching the terrible milestone of 100,000 deaths from COVID-19, the Archbishops invite all to call on God in Prayer. Starting on 1 February we invite you to set aside time every evening to pray, particularly at 6pm each day. More than ever, this is a time when we need to love each other. Prayer is an expression of love.”

Our prayer during this vacancy:

Heavenly Father,

During this vacancy, guard and grow our Parish as we serve you together in this period without a Vicar.

Lord Jesus, we know that you have plans for us and that these plans are always good. We ask now that you will help us to share responsibility, grow in faith, love one another, care for those in need, reach out to others, and welcome newcomers and visitors.

Holy Spirit, please guide those who are seeking the right person for us, and those who are seeking the right place for their ministry, that together we may discover your way for the future and see your kingdom grow.  Amen.