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Parish Criteria

Parish Criteria for a Thanksgiving or Baptism

We welcome anyone living in the parish of St John’s or with a connection to St John’s to celebrate the gift of a new child with us with a Thanksgiving or Baptism. Please check what that means by using the criteria in the box.

Parish Criteria

First check that you live within the parish boundary of St. John’s Church.

Click on this link to see the St. John’s Church parish boundary on the Church of England website.

If you live outside our parish boundary, your child may be considered for a Thanksgiving Service at St. John’s Church if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You have worshipped regularly at St. John’s Church for at least six months
  • You were married at St. John’s Church
  • Your family worships regularly at St. John’s Church
  • Your child has siblings who have been baptised at St. John’s
  • Your child has siblings who attend St. John’s School or activities such as Messy Church.