COVID-19: It’s all a bit different, but the church is alive!


The Power of Prayer

Prayer gives us life by connecting us to our creator, we find hope through Jesus Christ, and go out with Joy by his Spirit. There’s always a way to pray together here. We hold regular weekly prayer events, have a daily prayer diary and run all kinds of prayer initiatives throughout the year. Let’s get excited about Prayer! Come seeking God’s presence, guidance and help, leave feeling uplifted and enlivened.

Regular Rhythm as prayer is often deepened by habit. Here’s two routines you could build into your life to engage in prayer:

Daily Diary – Every week we publish a list of simple prayer points for you to stick on your fridge. To get these and events info by email, sign up to our ’weekly’ sheet using the “Keep up to date” link at the bottom of the page.

Prayer Course – (Mondays 7.30pm) -To register for this please visit our Prayer Call page and click the link to register

Note: We are only meeting by Zoom at the moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

Join with us this week as we pray