COVID-19: It’s all a bit different, but the church is alive!

Bring Your Heart -Valentine’s Prayer

We are inviting the whole of Locks heath to pray for their loved ones by making a heart this valentines and hanging it in the church garden.

Make your heart at home, make sure its weatherproof and can be attached to a tree, then come along between the 10th and 28th Feb to hang it. 

Join us to make the church yard come alive with colour and love this FebruaryThe church garden is always open for private prayer and
the church building from 9am to 12 noon weekdays.

You can make your heart however you like, be it knitted, sewn, carved, glued etc. Just be sure it can survive a few weeks outside in the rain (or snow!). 
Our team will be monitoring the garden and may remove hearts that are damaged and we won’t be able to return any hearts to you.